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Body Issues

this piece was constructed from notes people left at the BODIES launch party. some are where we feel at home in our body, some are thing we like about our body, some are how connected we feel to our body. all are words. because it’s the words that connect us. it’s your words that connect us. you gave us your words and here we give them back to you. separately your words mean something. together, they mean something else.


creativity. connection. collaboration.

do you feel connected to your body?


                  Sometimes,                                                             depends on my mood

Yes, sometimes

I think so! We get along.

Oh yah!

Yes <3

Yes,                                                                                  but my knees hurt

Yes!                                It is a journey though, but our body us. the one thing we

have unconditionally, so to be connected is to live!


YES !!

Yes                                       and no, it fluctuates

Yes        but almost too connected


Now I do

The last time I felt connected to my body, I was on shrooms.

When I’m hugging my friends,

creating something

or laughing I am most connected to myself

When I take time for myself I do

I do, but that is something I am in the process of making stronger

Not particularly

No – I have derealisation

Yes                                                                                          and no.

I feel awkward yet traditionally pretty in dresses.

But always confident

Getting there


I’m learning to be by withholding expectations

At times when I’m meditating / moving

I’m trying. I respect my body!

Yes,                                                                     but sometimes that’s the hardest part

Depends where I am in my menstrual cycle


                                               when I’m having a wank


when do you feel at home in your body?


When I look                     fit


When I’m wearing                                a slaayy outfit!

When I’m                   watching TV

When it’s                                Bath Time!!!

In the                                                           hot shower

When it exists freely without judgment, surrounded by people I love.

When I’m                              swimming in the sea.

In baggy clothes

On top baby!

When I’m dressed in my clothes,                                                 or during sex lol

In the gym

When                            I’m dancing

T-shirt on, knickers off

In the Club!

     When I’m in the bath

              When I     dance

           When I feel   confident

In the bath

When I’m in my bed.

In a great outfit

When hugging someone else <3

In baggy tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie

After 12 hours sleep

When I’m running

When I’m dancing

              In my bed                                   wrapped up like a caterpillar

In my pjs <3

         When I’m in the shower.

Just me and my body appreciating each other for 20mins or so

When I’m in cosy clothes

In my oodie

When I’m on a family hike

Comfy clothes


                                          In fresh sheets

When I’m laughing

When I’m tanned and naked

In the shower

what do you love about your body?


The crease between           my thigh and my crotch

My height

How strong I can be

My cheekbones

Its friendship


My hands

It’s                          fluidity

                                                                                                              My brain

I sometimes vibe with my forehead

General                                                 vibe

               + shape

My back

My hair / curls the 2nd day after washing it

My clit!

I love my body for carrying me through the world,

                                                              a vessel for emotion

   + connectivity

+ joy

My butt

How it’s with me through whatever

– a constant


I quite like my tits lol

+ my nose and eyes

It is strong and healthy

That it’s unique to me!

My     mind (brain)

My                      bum

My                          freckles

My                              collarbones

That I can dance

My eyes





My collarbones

My dimples


I love my decolletage

                            Peach fuzz <3

My curves



My belly piercing made me love

my stomach

How it looks after me



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