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Our Community

Lippy Magazine is an independent and inclusive magazine based at the University of Leeds. We cover a broad range of topics and pride ourselves on off centre, outspoken journalism.

We produce two print issues a year for which we work to create our own original content through design, artwork, and written pieces. Each issue is based around a different theme that evokes inspiration from a variety of perspectives.

We meet fortnightly to discuss the question of ‘What should we be talking about?’ or alternatively ‘What should we stop talking about?’ in order to inspire our members to write or create on a diverse range of thought provoking ideas, alternative to that which we find in the mainstream media. These articles are uploaded regularly to the website and can be found under the ‘Articles’ section.

Whether you are interested in writing, editing, design, photography,  social media, marketing or maybe you just want to join a creative and inclusive space, feel free to come along to our meetings, follow our instagram and buy a membership! No prior experience is needed, we encourage all who are drawn to the ethos of Lippy to come along and get involved.

Love, Lippy x

Orange Lippy logo of a pair of lips.

Meet the team


Julia Brookes

Editor - in - Chief


Emily Matthews 

Head of Digital


Scarlett Billinghurst

Head of Design

Grace Daisy Norman

Head of Marketing + Treasurer

Josh Porter 

Head of Events 


Dyuksha Rai

Head of Events 

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