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WOLFORNA: Oporto Gig Review

Jess Plunkett Reviews Wolforna’s top-class act as they supported BlackWaters at Call Lane’s ‘Oporto’ bar.

The crowd buzzed as they entered the dimly-lit, intimate side-room room of Call Lane’s Oporto bar last Wednesday night. And as that first note was played by support act Wolforna, the night was in full swing; and it was certainly set to be a good one.

If you aren’t already familiar with self-acclaimed ‘hard rockers from the north’ Wolfarna, now is your chance to get-to-know. The band of four introduced the evening as BlackWaters' first support act and hosted an electrifying performance filled with rock and non-stop bangers which had the whole crowd up off their feet.

As the show began, I had no idea what to expect. But I was hooked instantaneously as I heard the familiar notes of Broken Bones and Gritty Fights, my new favourite song of theirs. From the beginning, their sound packed a punch and certainly grabbed your attention. Their sound filled the whole room as they led you through a perfectly-curated setlist of songs ranging from scream-your-heart-out bangers to more intimate, chilled-out tracks (which help you catch a breath!).

For such an intimate gig, the band were professionally practised in their performance. Not a single slip up in the show as they flowed seamlessly from song to song, giving the perfect first introduction.

If the crowd weren’t aware of who Wolforna was prior to the gig, they certainly are now!

Wolforna is definitely a band to watch if you love your rock, and the perfect choice of support for BlackWaters; their setlist really complimented the band’s rock-inspired discography. They knew just how to get a crowd energised for what was to come next…

Wolforna was closely followed by duo Fika, who demonstrated an easy-going atmosphere to the audience as they freestyle their set and donned a glittery disco-cowboy hat. The duo was immensely likeable and clearly very talented musicians, so i’m excited to see what they’ll be doing next.

Last (but certainly not least) to take the stage was BlackWaters. The Sheffield-based band was here to entertain, with frontman Maxiillian Tanner enticing the audience with his gripping on-stage persona.

The highly eccentric and overly entertaining band had the audience in the palm of their hands, and certainly left the evening on a high note.


Words: Jess Plunkett

Photo Credit: Jess Plunkett


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