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The Final Root

this piece was constructed from notes people left at the roots launch party. some are where we find our roots, some are people who root us, some are how we root ourselves. all are words. because it’s the words that root us. it’s the words that connect us. it’s your words that connect us. you gave us your words and here we give them back to you. separately your words mean something. together, they mean something else.

creativity. connection. collaboration.


where do you feel most at home? my bedroom home is within you it doesn’t matter where i am, but it matters who i’m with! or anywhere in nature…preferably with music in my kitchen with my mum where i can put potatoes? surrounded by people i love with my boyfriend in her arms with my family in the living room anywhere i am truly alone and no one is watching me in bed in paris with the cats meow reading a book in my bed co – op my living room in london, watching strictly with mum with my friends in a field with my mum + sister (+ the dog) with friends + family, wherever we are in the arms of my best friend genuinely when i am surrounded by people i love not feeling worried about how i’m being perceived but existing home is where the heart is swansea!!! by the sea watching a TV show with my mates in their bedrooms scotland halifax basement listening to music outdoors leeds when i’m mixing my friend circles … or my dog

who do you most admire? my dad keith richards michelle obama viv westwood 4 lyfe my mum shrek (get outa my swap) my parents kurt cobain my nana early anti-colonialists in the global south my boyfriend also, my bf my mum, for doing the things no one else is willing to do. people with confidence my beautiful insanely hot and talented friends! ( my mum bringing up me + my sister on her own my dad – for beating cancer and still being his funniest self throughout it all. my mother, who moved from iran to england at the age of 16 without her parents and just her two brothers and established herself as a computer science graduate turned self employed boss lady and is the strongest person I know i admire so many people. my mum has been a rock to me & her determination, passion and drive inspires me daily. on another note my partner in what they have faced & the optimism & love they show all my friends for how they tackle life’s challenges. the people around me because they inspire me to be my best self artists who do something new

and my dad your mum

what do you like most about yourself? my resilience to change my creativity jeremy corbyn my loyalty and my hair i like going out of my way to make friends happy my drive my smile my legs my humour my creative mind my fashion sense / music taste my instagram forgiving my smile + warmth my friends sense of adventure my sensitivity shoulder blades and collarbones i’m really funny when i’m around people i’m truly comfortable with i love 2 read my positivity i think I’m kind and make people feel comfortable and comforted. i think i’m quite patient my warmth – my ability to make a person feel like they belong. i love my ability to give advice i love smiling, like a proper teeth out grin. my fat fanny xx everything !! my open-mindedness my body and my convo my boobs my fucking resilience in this spiral we call life i love how my brain works like how i process info specifically how i give advice to people i love most. always try my best i am v adaptable

and warm hearted my eyes my will + determination


Opening words: Julia Brookes

Image credit: Grace Norman


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