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The Remaining Trash

this piece was constructed from notes people left at the trash launch party. all notes which were legible were transcribed as written and then alphabetised. some are what you think is trash, some are what others think is trash, some are what stop us from feeling like trash. all are words. because it’s the words that connect us. it’s your words that connect us. you gave us your words and here we give them back to you. separately your words mean something. together, they mean something else.


you left them behind like trash and here we give them back to you like treasure.


the remaining trash.


what’s your guilty pleasure?


8 ball pool a big fat tube of pringles a cigarette in bed <3 a vape (tastes better if it’s not mine) chorizo & hallumi tacos dominoes takeaways eurovision folk music ! gossip girl :/ having a crush on my housemate (who has a girlfriend L) josh o‘connor in challengers made in chelsea making secret handshakes with lonny married at first sight, fucking my ex months after the break up minecraft…mixing barbecue and mayo sauce morning cig before i shit. no pleasure should be guilty ! olivia rodrigo pitch perfect songs real housewives (not guilty!) scampi fries <3 SEAN PAUL shawn mendes stormzy :/ taylor swift the les mis soundtrack vampire diaries couples fan edits WANKING watching moulin rouge weird food combos – don’t knock baked beans on pasta till you try it. wolfstar fanfiction youtube reels? zoella


what’s your pet peeve?


BAD MANNERS bad washing up ! bitchy people expensive pints L film students ! L flakiness handryers. trying-to-ft-in-to-the-point-you-lose-yourself housemates leaving dirty plates in the sink ! housemates who don’t take the bins out lack of manners e.g. please and thank you love-bombing men on scooters men that groan at the gym mouth breathers mouth sounds when eating music snobs negativity / slow walkers people people saying ‘i don’t know’ – deads the conversation people that scream at their children people walking in a straight line and taking up the whole pavement people who are always downers people who aren’t friendly ! people who blow their nose next to you people who burp out loud people who drive really loudly down the harolds. makes me jump fr people who kill spiders people who leave dishes in the sink people who rev their engines slow walkers SLOW WALKERS SLOW WALKERS SLOW WALKERS! slow walking people spitting on the street stubbornness stupid questions talking over each other two faced people <3 when i can’t play minecraft when people talk at you for 10 mins +


how do you stop yourself feeling like trash?


<3 friends <3 a boogie to some groovy tunes ! a coffee (solo) date a good gossip with my housemate a long shower + 2000 pop music ask my girlfriend to tell me something nice about me – sometimes it has to come from another person else i don’t believe it. bake a cake cleaning my room, showers, talking to my bestie or my lover J dancing DANCING, SHAKE THE RAGE drink woooo dye my hair…again eating ice-cream get stoned (in the bath) getting out of bed J go on a run going on a run or smoking a cigarette grey’s anatomy <3 have a bath have a cig & a cry <3 have a dance party in my room ! have a really long candlelit bubble bath x have a shower having a giggle i talk to my boyfriend #simp listening to 80s music look at pictures of my cats <3 phone calls play minecraft…quality time with friends sitcoms smoke a zoot solo dance party spending time & surrounding myself with friends SPENDING TIME WITH LOVED ONES surround yourself with people that make you LOL surrounding myself with my favourite people the gym and an everything shower yoga + veggie stir fry

Photography by Grace Norman she/her


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