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Ghost Campus

The Shape and the Colour

In the old dusk there are

Sleeping cars sinking into their wheels

And someone somewhere is

Knitting one, pearling the other

Winding around Earth

Their woman wool

But over here, a snapshot

Of the world like this

The shape and the colour

Scattered birds over the

Ghost campus, light in storage

And us, survivors of the winter


I watch the peaches and plums

Their fruit flesh filling their skin

Outside there are cobwebs in-

Between rear-view mirrors

Like secrets drenched in water

I think about the astronaut who

Traced his finger along the

Dust of the moon, and some

Bookcases when he got back


I have made resolutions

to keep my best coat hanging in the corner

to look after my terrible feet

and dress for the weather

To keep trying to find ways

to be beautiful

To let myself have

small temptations

To rip away the wallpaper

and see the world

To be like a

lady from a book

To dream sweetly

of revenge

To make you wait

like I waited

To find another, another

To patch up my

silly, small

kintsugi love

Words by Angelica Krikler

Artwork by Florence Bennett


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