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Tiny Habits: With Not So Tiny Tunes

If you’re on the hunt for some gorgeously harmonised acoustic folk-pop, then look no further than the Boston-based band, Tiny Habits. Coming together in a three-piece trio, members Maya Rae, Cinya Khan, and Judah Mayowa, can be defined by their intimate performances and stunning harmonies. 


On Friday 10th November, Tiny Habits gave Leeds exactly that. Taking to the Leeds Beckett Union stage as the supporting act to Grammy nominee Noah Kahan, the band wowed audiences. 

 You might have thought you were in Tiny Habits’ living room rather than the Leeds Beckett Union last Friday. The band had no qualms with making the crowd feel at ease. With the soft, sleepy lighting combined with an understated set of three mics and an acoustic guitar on stage, the group serenaded the crowd into a tranquil sea of soft sways interrupted only by the constant applause of a passionate and supportive crowd.  


Clear from the get-go, it was clear this band no frontman; Maya, Cinya and Judah are all equal in their contribution. No member tries to compete, they all simply compliment one another. By giving each other individual moments in the spotlight, it allowed for each member to have the space for solo expressive freedom while the other two remained in a gentle support at their bandmate’s side.


The trio opened their set with “tiny things”, the title track of their EP also, which encapsulated the band’s understated and simplistic style. Tiny Habit’s combination of choral harmonies and melodic acoustics established a beautifully calm atmosphere. These sounds continued to resonate within the next two songs they played also from their EP - “hemenway” and “delay” - and transported the audience even deeper into the Tiny Habits atmosphere of sweet serenity. 


The band then delved into a couple of crowd-pleasing classics including Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”, as featured on the band’s EP, and Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”. What could be more intimate than a transportation into some nostalgic comfort tunes? The audience were united in a shared love for these iconic sing-alongs and again, intimacy amongst all was prevalent. 


We even got an insight into some unreleased work - a taster of what is to come as their musical careers continue to flourish into their stand-alone tour next year.  When unveiling their new song ‘Circling’, Judah stated the band sing this tune before shows in order to ‘centre themselves’. He explained, “[Circling] is about seeing signs that you’re right where you’re supposed to be'' which poignantly let the audience in on their method for grounding themselves and self-assuring their place as artists. Again, Tiny Habits showed no issue in creating a relaxing atmosphere.


If you’d like to catch Tiny Habits in Leeds next time, they will be returning in May 2024 for what is bound to be another fantastic show. This time, Maya, Cinya and Judah will be performing at The Wardrobe, located at 6 St Peter’s Lane. Tickets are on sale now!

Words: Madeleine Williams (she/her) and Lizzie Harley (she/her)

Images: MBC PR


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