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things left unsaid

Artistic version of the poem 'things left unsaid', transcription below


if only you could

bottle up happiness

and save it for later date

i think we could both do with some of that now

the look on your face

the tang of the base

our song said moonlight

but it felt more like we were

dancing in the sunlight

your sunlight

you’re sunlight

you are sunlight

we went so quickly from

strangers to friends

friends to strangers

when did life get so unfair?

it seems that now

i’m picking up where you left off


with less laughter

and more silence

we are too young to be this tired

this place still smells like you


and i am still thinking of you

how someone can be so

full of dark

and yet so full of



Words by Julia Brookes

Artwork by Josh Barnes

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