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The Watch Stops

I see the rabbits sitting in the lively grass

So full of love and life.

The sun is blazing in the afternoon salvation.

He replies

“How lucky for you. It is raining here.

All the wildlife have gone inside.”

That one single message.


The rain came.

The watch stopped on a cold wrist.

A phone call,

I walk and walk and walk,

Straight to nowhere.

A young heart, like mine, crumbles at home.

Three sons bearing a great pain.

I hear my mother’s penetrating voice on the phone,

That deathly note.

Her innocent tongue speaks hell,

Yet heaven is where I know he shall be.

The tears fall like memories from my mind.

I see him in front of me,

He smiles, barely but I see it,

Proud but weary.

He was gone.

I walk and walk and walk

Words: Emma Gardner, she/her


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