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The Last Dinner Party: You are Cordially Invited

The Last Dinner Party are undoubtedly the most exciting group on the indie music scene right now. Established in 2021, the London five-piece have captured the attention of fans and artists alike. With no music released at the time, they supported The Rolling Stones, which initiated much discussion as to how they had gained themselves such a high profile when their music was unreleased. As you can imagine, the terms ‘industry plant’ and ‘nepo-babies’ were thrown around (and still are) - because how could five incredibly talented women be so successful with no logical explanation?! Honestly, I don’t know if they formed completely organically or not, but who cares? Great music is great music, and I don’t want to contribute to scepticism which is often loaded with misogyny…

On the release of their debut single in April, Nothing Matters, the sceptic voices were silenced and everything made sense. In fact, the ‘sense’ just keeps on coming with every new song released. Their second single, Sinner, brought with it an equally punchy energy which continued into their third release, My Lady of Mercy, which recalls Catholic school tales in the most fiery and fierce manner. Bringing us to now: their most recent single, and I’m assuming the last before the album, is the most impactful of them all. A ballad of sacrificial love, On Your Side showcases singer Abigail Morris’ voice in the most beautiful way, through the complete conveyance of her emotion. Notable shoutout to Aurora Nischevi’s piano part in this song; a perfect complement to Abigail’s vocal.

In terms of ‘similar artists’, I’d say I hear a Kate Bush-like twang, maybe mixed in with a bit of Bowie. But no one artist immediately springs to mind. And frankly, no one compares. They have brought to the scene a completely fresh style of ethereal vibes and whimsically-themed dress codes. The band’s love of classical literature seeps through every element of their existence, with the band telling Rolling Stone that they’re “fucking pretentious nerds”. I am completely in love with this cocktail of literature and art.

While most people acknowledge that their songs are great, I think it isn’t until you see them live that you can comprehend the sheer prowess of this group. Having seen them three times, and transitioning from gawping admiringly at what I was witnessing in front of me for the very first time, to now watching everyone else have this same experience, I feel an immense excitement about the impact they’re having in the industry. I have genuinely never known a buzz for an artist like this.

So why are so many of us resonating with The Last Dinner Party? I think one prominent theme they address is feminine rage. If you’re a woman in your twenties and you claim not to feel rage, I don’t believe you. Watching these women performing, succeeding, dancing, loving and thriving inspires me to no end. And for everyone else who has fallen in love with this band, I think it’s down to their completely refreshing bravado. They are fun and unserious, yet there is sure evidence of an intelligent, classical influence. Not to mention they harmonise like sirens. 

In the wake of the announcement of their debut album, Prelude to Ecstasy, which will be released 2nd February 2024, I feel the need to shout from the rooftops just how much getting to know this band will improve your quality of life. They certainly do mine. Download their music, buy their merch, get tickets to their gigs. I promise it’s worth it.

Words + Image: Eve Jones, she/her


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