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Sorry Live at Brudenell Social Club

Lucy Clark heads down to Brudenell to review the Anywhere But Here album tour following Sorry’s latest release

A few weeks after releasing second album Anywhere But Here Sorry travelled the UK on a fairly modest-sized tour for an album that warrants five stars. Taking a step down from the experimental 925, their latest album relies on emotional hooks, darkness and despondency. ‘I just wanna laugh but I can’t, ‘I feel too alien. Nothing’s making sense’, just a few of the lyrics that sum up the blatant depressive tone throughout. But the album is far from dull.

The band walk out in casual style and attire, with frontwoman Asha Lorenz sporting a two-piece Kappa tracksuit - hood up and all. The laid-back style doesn’t come across as careless but effortlessly cool. Instantly, the perfect combination of Lorenz and bandmate Louis O’bryan’s voices work in perfect chemistry together in opener Key to the City. Lorenz's vulnerability can be felt so convincingly, whilst O’bryan’s expressionless voice provides the perfect contrast and grounding. Throughout the show Lorenz is able to maintain the emotion, songs such as Screaming In the Rain see her aptly yell out the chorus in a chaotic vocal performance. Everything about her demeanour throughout the night fits the album's moody and hopeless tone, only briefly breaking sincerity to laugh as the crowd clap along to Closer. Whilst the vocal performances are not always pitch-perfect live, this doesn’t matter with Sorry, it only enhances the raw emotion and childlike innocence within their latest songs.

Not forgetting about the singles that first brought them recognition, Sorry rock out with Right Around The Clock, Starstruck and Cigarette Packet. The upbeat grungy tunes bring an energetic atmosphere as the crowd clashes together.

With little to no interaction between playing, Sorry relies on electronics master Marco Pini to create remixed samples for the introductions to many of their songs. The Jungle Book aptly introduces Snakes, with the voice of Kaa in a creepy mix that rings around the room. The added details create an eerie atmosphere.

Sorry’s performance at Brudenell certainly lived up to the heights of their shining new record Anywhere But Here.


Words: Lucy Clark

Album Cover: Pitchfork

Band Image: Pitchfork


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