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Songs For Living

Are you looking to lean on a good tune when times feel tough? Evie Yabsley shares some suggestions...

Leaving behind familiarity and heading to uni can be incredibly daunting. I remember how lost I felt last year: new place, new friends, new start. Sometimes all you need is home comforts, to fill the space between you and the edge. Not the easiest to find, when you’re miles from home and surrounded by foreign territory. For me, the rock to lean on was a good tune. Hearing an artist vocalise their main character energy inspired me to do the same. So, feel good, get involved and listen in! These are the songs that carried me over, motivated me to set myself up in Leeds and party the uncertainty away.

Peach by Kevin Abstract My favourite easy breezy backing track for coffee shop study sessions. Kevin Abstract’s soothing indie vocals are enough to keep engaged with work but carry you over the boring bits.

Ghost Town by Kanye West A top ranking hype tune. Definitely one for pres to get you in the zone. Best served harmonising with flatmates on a JB sofa.

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield For letting go of all those negative thoughts! If you’re feeling down, blast this and throw every lyric at yourself in the mirror. Have a lil boogie, two step those blues away.

Afraid to Feel by LF System The LF duo made a wise choice speeding up Silk’s classic - ‘I can’t stop’ (turning you on). Dominating eight weeks of summer, this anthem rules the clubs and continues to live rent-free in my mind. Easy Life covered this song this week (10th Oct), that’s how you know it’s a huge tune. Radio 1 isn't just playing it, they’re mash-ups inspired by it.

Vienna by Billy Joel Billy Joel speaks the truth. Slow down, you’re doing fine. Don’t put too much pressure on. Enjoy the newness at your own pace. You need a night in? Have a cosy night in. Wanna go out and get battered? Go for it. Whatever you’re doing is right. Just follow your instincts and listen to your body.

Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader The perfect afters’ song. A hometown classic for me. Lazing around, finishing off the beers and laughing about the night’s antics with friends. With the LEDs still flickering, drinking coming to a close, this is wh

at really brought me comfort at uni. Tired smiles of new friends as you go home together. Bonded over the chaos but standing by each other in the calm. Disorientated doesn’t even begin to describe how moving to a new city can throw you off course - but don’t doubt that the lost can always be found! I came to realise pretty sharpish that university is a playground, a constant sleepover with friends who become family. So stay strong, and sit tight. Good times are coming.


Words: Evie Yabsley

Photo credit: Pinterest


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