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secrets dreams and nice things

this piece was constructed from notes people left at the lunar launch party. some are secrets, some are dreams, some are nice things. all are words. because it’s the words that matter. everything begins and ends with words. it’s the words that hold the power. it’s your words that hold the power. you gave us your words and here we give them back to you. separately your words mean something, together they mean something else. collaboration. anonymity. creativity.



i still fantasise about my ex

i used to be in love with my best friend

i’m a lesbian

i’m in love with the editor-in-chief

i’m pregnant

i love eleanor

i wee in the sink when I want to avoid my flatmates

the first time i masturbated it was an accident

i pissed myself last year. i was 19.

one time i shat in the woods on a walk with my boyfriend and his dog

i wee in a glass at night because i can’t be bothered to go to the loo

i broke my sister house’s only toilet – her flatmates and landlord don’t know it was me and they had beef over it for 6 months

i peed on the car seat in one of my driving lessons because my instructor wouldn’t let me park and wee in a nearby bush

i actually like gingers!

i want to be a celebrity


iona secretly scrans chicken despite being ‘VEGAN’

drake was my no.1 artist on spotify wrapped

i’m a sheerio #edsheeran4life

i went to see Big Shaq live at the union and got fingered in the toilets

i told my brother i kissed his best friend when i actually slept with him… oops

i almost slept with my flatmate

i have chlamydia

i cheated with my sister’s boyfriend and she doesn’t know

i’m sleeping with my housemate. i think he might be falling for me. he’s never slept with anyone before so i think it might be easier for him to get attached

he’s a gym boy

and i’m an art student

i’ve got an addiction to weed but won’t bring myself to admit it

religion is keeping me apart from the love of my life.

what is the point in religion?

it’s supposed to be about love

but it feels

redundant and hateful now.


i read a fanfic about ateez (a k-pop group) in the apocolypse (i’m drunk don’t spellcheck) so i dreamt about that and i ended up surviving because i smothered myself with zombie guts so they all ignored me which means that we can rely on me surviving zombies i guess???

my gymnastics teacher turned into a pasta carbonara monster and

threw up on the class to turn us into

little monsters too

i had a nightmare last night where i got kidnapped in a room with my best friend and a creepy man who was biting us, so we decided to pin him down and break his jaw

i was at the bottom of a hill of graveyards, walked up it to a tall castle. T

he creaky wooden door opened

by itself

and dracula bit me. ouch.

sleep paralysis <3

i had a dream that i was late for my train

then i missed it because it was on a different platform –

maybe that’s because i feel like life is running away from me?

me and stormi became bffs and gossiped about the kardashians

i once dreamt my sister got eaten by a lion in front of me…

the next night i dreamt

she had the plague x

all my teeth were wobbly and they all fell out ☺

i dreamt i was driving with a bunch of friends and family

and the breaks stopped working …

i dreamt richard ayoade said i was funny

i don’t dream!

i have


i was eating a steak with my mum & dad and the last bite of steak was full of maggots. yum.

i had a nightmare my flatmate got squashed to death by our upstairs bathtub falling through into her room. i tried to help her. it was unsuccessful…

i dreamt the print all went wrong!

i dream about giant rubber ducks on a regular basis

turning into a psychotic vampire killer hehe x

my friend died and i went to see her to console her about it (so why did i continue to believe she was dead)

i went to a café and asked for a flat white, which they served to me in a croc

the lunar launch party went to shit (it didn’t!)

met molly mae in big tesco

???-ing w/ my teacher at school

i once had a lucid dream where i was sitting in a car with my friends & said

“i’m so sad this is a dream because i’m having so much fun”

and then i was like “wait this is a dream…” my friends all cheered and were like

“eyyy we were waiting for you to figure it out!”

then i jumped out of the window and flew through the sky above my city,

was so sick!

someone cut my hair off.

hannah montana brought me up on stage to sing best of both worlds with her

i had sex with a boy who i knew but his dick was a carrot <3

i had a reoccurring dream when i was younger - i’d be in my kitchen with my mum then another version of my mum would walk in and i didn’t know which one was real

nice things

you’re the kind of person everyone wants to know

‘i saw you and thought: that girl is cool enough to smoke’

someone said that when they looked at me i always looked


i radiate good energy.

that i’m brave

i am talented at what i do.

my ex told me i’m the smartest person he’s ever met ☹

that i know them the best & that they’d trust me with anything.

that i’d be the most amazing person to go on a date with.

‘i fancy you because i can tell you’re a kind person’

“you make my life feel quite worthwhile”

– my friend, myles

my sister once told me that i was someone that,

if you walked past on the street,

you’d do a double take

– memorable <3

you allow your nerves to get the better of you but

you’re amazing at relating to people and weaving a story so don’t let it.

you’re doing a good job don’t fear.

i love when you get really passionate about something –

you move your arms,

your face glows and

you become really expressive.

that being around me lifts their mood <3 /

a joy to be around.

i’m “down to earth, easy to talk to and the most genuine in the room”

my friend told me i was good at dancing

“i like your dog”

that i looked like a russian dj

you add light to a room

that i was the most liked person in our year at school

i don’t like your shoes, i love your shoes

my mum told me that she is really proud of me

“you look like a big sister” because i am <3

someone once said

“you’re really smart!”

& i knew i was kinda clever but it was nice to hear lmao

“you should narrate everything”

i am hardworking!

pull up

you’re not as much of as prick as i imagined

my crush once told me he loves me 4eva & won’t let me go! x ☺

they think i’m ethical

i’m proud of you

i have a beautiful soul

i have good dance moves

you’ve got a fat bunda still

“major eyebrows. major teeth.” someone i had never met said this the first time they looked at me &

i choose to take it as a compliment.

i love you.


Artwork: Kate Partington


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