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Reviewing Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2024

This weekend, Erin and I had the pleasure of attending the 2024 Leeds RAG Fashion Show. A transcendent journey through the story of the eclipse, the show offered up an evening of unique performances and four scenes of looks that reflected each stage of the illicit dance between the sun and the moon.


Commencing the show with the story of Nyx, the goddess of the night, this scene was filled with iridescent materials, plunging necklines, and sleek silhouettes. The combination of holographic dresses and sharp tailoring was reminiscent of Studio 54 fashion and emanated the coolness of the romantic allure of night.


We were then introduced to the tale of EOS, the goddess of the dawn, which evoked in the scene’s styling the sentiments of vitality, confidence, and expression. The designs in this scene radiated warmth in the use of a gold, bronze and amber colour scheme. The use of satin, chiffon and crochet fabrics created hung loosely on the models' bodies, representing the languid effects of the sun’s heat. Eclectic prints dominated the scene and contributed to the vibrancy of life EOS evokes.


The show’s second half delved into the meeting of the sun and the moon, which the audience had been patiently anticipating, and the result was nothing short of electric. Taking clear inspiration from designers like Vivienne Westwood, the pieces in the third scene paid tribute to punk fashion of the 1970s. Leather skirts, clashing prints and corsets were integral in the scene’s show of rebellion and passionate energy. Inviting the audience to become part of this blurring of boundaries, Totality had to be my favourite part of the show.


Finally, tranquillity was restored in the final chapter of the show, Harmonia. With influences from Japanese designers like Commes des Garçons, monochromatic pieces and structured tailoring demonstrated the solitude of the celestial beings returning to their original positions. The innovative and experimental nature of the final scene was demonstrated in the unconventional designs, which blurred the boundaries between a uni fashion show and a high-end runway.


Overall, it was overwhelmingly clear that the dedication and creative vision of those behind the scenes had massively influenced the success of the show. By turning a fashion show into an experiential journey through the use of lights, music, performance, and intricately considered designs, Leeds RAG left no stone unturned. If you love fashion like we do, you won’t want to miss this incredible annual show. We are so happy the committee invited us along for the evening, it is undeniable that the hard work of all those involved paid off in creating a truly unforgettable show.

Words + Images by Katie Martin, she/her


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