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RESET: The new single from emerging rock band Wolforna

Jess Plunkett Reviews Wolforna’s second release of 2022, ‘Reset’.

I was first introduced to Wolforna back in September, where I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to photograph them as they supported BlackWaters in Call Lane’s finest, Oporto.

I had no idea what to expect that day as I sheepishly entered the venue alone, camera bag gripped under my arm. But as soon as the band took to the stage, the entire crowd was drawn in by their magnetic stage presence, which was super fun to take pictures of.

Since then, I have been keeping up with the band, introducing them to my boyfriend (who is now understandably a big fan), and anyone else that would listen. So it’s safe to say, expectations were high when their latest single, Reset, was announced.

But of course, it certainly did not disappoint. The band describes the track as, ‘a musical representation of a journey through a moment of anger. It delivers verses and choruses that masterfully represent the building of frustration’. The perfect track to scream in your car after a stressful day at work…

The song explodes into the first verse, which immediately strikes me as heavier than some of their previous work. The song clearly shows the building of frustration, particularly through the calmer middle section, which magnifies as the intensity of the drums builds and builds, until a sudden release of anger explodes through an incredible lead guitar solo.

The song’s out-of-control nature is contradicted by the cleverly calculated lyrics, which, ‘typifies the lack of clarity a person may experience while grappling with feelings of intense anger’, according to the band, and I couldn’t agree more.

Although I might be a *little* biased, having grown up on this music (it will always hold a special place in my heart), this is certainly a song all of your ears are missing out on.

The band has also stated they have some ‘immense plans’ for 2023, so watch this space!


Words: Jess Plunkett


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