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Reflecting on the LRFS23 Launch Party

Leeds Rag Fashion Show director Josh looks back on the success of their recent launch party.

We are overjoyed with the outcome of our Launch Party. It was our first opportunity to show the world all the hard work we have been doing behind the scenes. We aimed to create a fun night that showed our local talent in the Leeds music scene and premiere our theme for LRFS23, and we are proud to say we succeeded. However, we cannot take all the credit. We are super proud of our committee who all worked tirelessly to ensure the night went smoothly, especially our marketing and fundraising team responsible for promoting and running the event. We had major success in fundraising for our chosen charities, and we were thrilled to see the crowd loving the live music by our talented bands and DJs; Volk Soup, Mother Said, Lila and Fer-De-Lance.

Moreover, we were humbled by the opportunity to show our promotional video inspired by the recovery journey of a mental health crisis. The video, produced by our awesome media and music team, will be promoted on our Instagram page very soon! We are super thrilled to finally announce that we are dedicating our show to mental health awareness and are warmed by the immense reaction towards our efforts. Mental Health Awareness is a very personal social issue for me, Zuzanna and our entire committee. We want to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the Launch party, and remind everyone to follow our social media accounts - we have more content and information coming very soon.


Words by: Joshua Davies

Photography by: Maisy Healey


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