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“Gemini” : the love that isn’t chosen

Rory Swann reviews the track...

It is rare for music to discuss the love we do not choose. But “Gemini”, the brand new single from Leeds alt-pop duo “In the Morning Lights”, does just that. The duo consisting of Frankie and Matilde has already caught the attention of the Leeds music scene, releasing a string of singles since 2018 and being named ‘Track of the Week’ by BBC radio Leeds. Now, they are back at their most exciting yet with a track that fuses elements of indie song writing and electronic production into a buzzy, bouncy summer pop cut. Via carefully placed vocal distortions and an infectious hook, the duo tells of a love characterised by a constant string of arguments and resolutions. The day they wrote the songs, Matilde explains “I had a phone call with my mum, which quickly escalated into a fight…it is easy to become confrontational with people we love because of how unfiltered those relationships are.”

It is a common saying that we fight most bitterly with those we are closest to, that love and hatred are two sides of the same coin. The opening lines of the track put it perfectly: “they say that pain is love. Perhaps it’s in our blood.” Familial relationships do not get enough attention. As these lines suggest, it is often our blood relationships that involve the most pain. We do not choose out family and thus we cannot shrug them off after a fight. We are stuck with our blood for better or for worse – and thus we can argue over and over again without fear of losing each other. Like the twins of Gemini, Matilde sings, “we are parts of the same whole.” But as she goes on to reveal: “that’s the problem.”


Words: Rory Swann


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