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Behind the Scenes of the First LRFS23 Photoshoot

An exclusive preview of the content from the promotional shoot for Leeds Rag Fashion Show 2023’s upcoming launch party.

To continue Lippy’s series, LRFS23 Promotional Manager Ella Purvis who shares all the insider details on their first photoshoot of the year.

Q: To set the scene, when and where did this shoot take place?

Ella: So the shoot was early morning on Friday the 25th of November, outside, at Kirkstall Abbey.

Q: What is the shoot for and when will the content be shown?

Ella: This was our general promotional shoot so the content will be shown at our launch party which is actually really soon! Like Josh and Zuzanna mentioned in their interview last week, the launch party is on Monday the 5th of December at Belgrave!

It’s going to be a really fun event! Anyone can buy a ticket, so if you’re interested in seeing the insane final content from this shoot and listening to live music from local bands, go visit our Instagram for more details!

Q: What was the styling like?

Ella: The directors’ and stylist team’s vision really came together for each scene of the show that we were trying to represent. This will be clearer once the final photos and video get released alongside the official theme reveal.

The models chosen were all so well-suited for the looks! This was a really collaborative shoot which worked so well and the team all helped each other out, so I think everyone’s hard work planning really paid off!

Q: You’ve already mentioned the models but who are they and what were they like?

Ella: The models were all beautiful of course! They were really diverse and super enthusiastic which is great as it made all our lives a bit easier!

Their names are; Moroti Otiti, Kira Baccio Panić, Daniel Ward, Diana Alloumany and Millie Kaye.

Q: So you said they were enthusiastic, but can you expand on how the models were feeling on the day?

Ella: Yeah, I actually got a few quotes for social media content! One model said they were “feeling energised, ready and excited to get involved”. Another said “they were very excited, proud and happy to be a part of the amazing process”! And finally like I said, the shoot took place early morning in November so they were said they were all feeling “freezing but funky”!

Q: Who was the photographer and videographer?

The amazing Becca Elliot and Ali Shah!

Q: Finally, did everything at the shoot go well?

Yes, everything went great! Everyone had so much fun and we got some really cool shots so stay tuned and come to our launch party!

For anyone who has now been convinced to go to the LRFS launch party - I know I have – the link to buy tickets is here


Words by: Catelyn Louwrens

Image credit: Ella Purvis


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