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An Artist to Watch: Loshh Gig Review

Max Dow reviews Loshh tearing up the Belgrave stage to support Obongjayar in Leeds this week…

To discover new music in the era of immediate technology is facile, to say the least; hordes of streaming services are lugging you to yet another song or unfamiliar musician. Too often one is left with an unsatisfying conclusion as the music found, although different, falls short of the desire to discover uncharted musical territory. Loshh is the antithesis. His stellar performance at Belgrave was a delightful discovery of a unique artist.

London-based, Nigerian/Dutch artist Loshh identifies as a multidisciplinary artist and successfully pushes a unique percussion-led sound that seems to draw from funk and soul, latin, blues, jazz, punk, and psychedelia. It was an enjoyable surprise and an immediate addition to the playlist.

Strolling onto the stage, adorned in baggy denim, a leather jacket and a string of pearls, Loshh begins with some syncopated drums and a charming drawl. Beginning with his opening track É Beré from debut album Ífaradá, he eases the crowd into the set that follows and immediately any pre-gig awkwardness dissipates: the atmosphere settles into one where it’s undeniable to not shake and boogie. Loshh leads the way, manoeuvring about the stage, flaunting his moves, and involving the crowd. Even from his runs across the stage, it’s evident to see he’s a confident performer.

My favourite addition throughout the set had to be Loshh punctuating his song’s funky base licks and blues solos with punk driven screams. It was a sure way to electrify the Leeds crowd, and everyone was left exhilarated for Obongjayar’s incoming set. Loshh is absolutely an artist to watch, and I cannot wait to see what he does next.


Words: Max Dow


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