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In an environment where questions about who should speak and what they should say are at the centre of political discourse,

and in which difficult conversations are being had about the state of our world, the topic of censorship feels more pervasive

now than ever. Discussions surrounding issues of mental health, the environment, and the role of race, however difficult or

controversial, need to be had for progress to take place.

But, while opening up conversations about these topics is central to our theme, the ‘Uncensored’ can and should also be a

celebration: of female liberation, the freedom of the arts, and intimacy. The cover image for this issue was inspired by this

sense of celebration. It conveys a sense of unconstrained expression and thus a release from the censorship that often inhibits

us, which is something so integral to this edition of Lippy Magazine.

During this second semester, Lippy has continued to grow in a multitude of directions. Our design team has created a more

professional online space for the magazine, which gives justice to the incredible content posted weekly, showcases our

print issues across platforms, and spotlights the Lippy community. Our community has expanded too, with weekly meetings

continuing to inspire important and interesting conversations. And, as a result of this year’s progression, we have been

nominated for LUU’s Riley Awards for Most Improved Society and Best Media Society!

Being committee this year has been an immense responsibility, but also an honor, and working with so many phenomenal

creatives to fulfil the magazine’s vision has been an unforgettable experience. We have had unbelievably long committee

meetings (our record being seven hours in LUU’s Old Bar) which have often ended in mild delirium. But while it has been

stressful at times, it has always been a privilege.

With time running by much faster than we anticipated, it is difficult to believe that our year with Lippy has come to an end.

Although it is sad that this experience is over, we feel immensely proud of all we have achieved, and can’t wait to see what lies

in store for Lippy in the hands of next year’s committee. We want to express our endless gratitude to everyone who has been

part of Lippy this year: we couldn’t have done it without you.


Your Committee

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