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Lippy is Leeds University's very own alternative magazine. We cover a range of
topics from art and culture to politics and fashion. We not only concern ourselves with contemporary issues, but with stories that matter and might otherwise not be heard - giving a voice to the student body and fostering intelligent debate in all areas. We are so proud of Lippy’s progress, it is expanding and developing every year. Some of our new additions include the Creative Section which is a space for our team to share their creative writing, poetry, photoshoots, illustrations and art work; the Five Ways to Wear series, committed to exploring how different garments can have accompanying and varying styles; the Ladies of Leeds series, giving an insight into the lives of the women on our campus. These new ventures, as well as our hard-working team encompass what Lippy is all about.
We print biannually, because this presents us an occasion to focus our thoughts onto one particular theme. Not giving just one perspective on a subject but expanding our understanding of the topic and giving our reader an opportunity to see the full picture. We picked nostalgia following the our termly give-it-go session (best turn out in history!). By putting a piece of paper on each desk and letting inspiration surface, the attendees were able to think and write ideas for the theme. The discussions that arose from those pages
cemented our decision and shaped the final outlook of the magazine. Nostalgia is important in the current climate of the world today because it has become something that we talk about more and more. We wanted to explore the positives and negatives of nostalgia and how it effects our daily lives in a world that is changing so fast.


We hope you enjoy looking back with us.
Your Committee

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