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Lippy Magazine is all about misbehaving. As a collective, Lippy is comprised of individuals who push boundaries, break rules and aren’t afraid to rewrite their own narratives and make their own stories. The Misbehaviour Issue is designed to tell the tales of individuals who have changed history, made waves and revised the world by challenging and breaking barriers put in place by systems of oppression. In fashion, literature and politics, we remember the ones who break the rules rather than those who adhere to them. Contained within these pages are the stories of the trailblazers who we thank for misbehaving, and celebrate for the cultural and political revolutions they sparked. Without them, the world would be nowhere near as colourful, or as progressive. In the making of this issue, our own team were inadvertently caught misbehaving, found taking photos on the roof of the university and apprehended by security in the process. I suppose we all have to misbehave in order to make good art. Masterpieces aren’t made by following a rule book. We want this issue to celebrate the individuals who refuse to be complicit and the people who break from the norms of their circumstances to improve the lives of others.


However, with this issue we also hope to recognise the instances where misbehaviour can be damaging, for instance, we take a look at how environmental misbehaviour and disordered behaviours can in fact be harmful. Misbehaviour comes in many forms – some good, some bad, and this magazine hopes to address the whole truth of misbehaviour, not just the rosy aspects of it.



Your Committee x

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