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From Live at Leeds Festival to picking your own pumpkins, there’s no shortage of things to do to take a break from your studies now that University is back in full swing.

One of the reasons I chose to go to uni in this lively city is its abundance of events and attractions all year round. This is still true of Leeds today, as the city recovers post-COVID and all your favourite spots reopen bigger and better than ever.

Like many others, I often struggle the most with University life as we enter the winter months, as feelings of boredom are a consequence of the cold, short days. It feels as if nothing fun could ever happen in Winter. Obviously, in a city as full as Leeds, this is simply untrue. Every week there’s new and exciting events all over Leeds that you can get your teeth stuck into.

So ICYMI, here’s a quick rundown of just some of the things you could be getting up to in Leeds this week…


Who said festivals were only allowed in the summer?!

Live at Leeds returns… but this time, it’s in the city centre! The event is taking over all your favourite Leeds spots, including: o2 Academy, Belgrave Music Hall and Headrow House, just to name a few.

With over 150 artists performing, there’s certain to be performances there for you. Now the hard decision is deciding who you want to see the most!

So, to help you out along the way, here are some of the acts i’ll be making sure I attend:

  • LoveJoy

  • Tom A. Smith

  • Working Men’s Club

  • Thomas Headon

  • Josef

And many, many more, if I can squeeze them in!!

I adore the concept of festivals outside of the summer holidays. Festivals are the best way to discover new artists that will soon become your latest obsession. So why restrict this to only the summertime? Especially when the music scene is so rife as is in Leeds. It’s also the perfect place to take time away from the stresses of University and your work, giving yourself a day to be reinspired and enjoy all your favourite music.

This is certainly an event you don’t want to miss, so to avoid the FOMO, grab your tickets while you still can:


Light night makes its annual return to Leeds City Centre for 2 nights only!

This legendary Leeds event is taking over once again, this time surrounding the theme of Playful City.

I found this year’s theme to be particularly pertinent to students, as we leave home for the first time and begin to experience the world for the first time as ‘adults’. Oftentimes we feel unprepared or too young to be handling such responsibility, but is that such a bad thing?

Society is pushing more and more for younger children to act mature beyond their years, but where is the time for us to enjoy ourselves like we once did as children? Why are those experiences so frowned upon as we ‘grow up’? This year’s light night theme is the antithesis of these societal expectations, and for two nights we can finally appreciate being a child once more in the ‘Playful City’ of Leeds.

From 6:30-10:30 on Thurs 13th and Fri 14th, the city will be alight with mesmerising installations from some of the most talented artists from across the globe.

Light Night is always one of my favourite events of the year. Not only is it filled with spectacular sculptures, the event is also almost entirely free. Budgeting is an important factor of university life, as we all struggle to manage our finances for the first time. Events like Light Night are crucial for students, especially in the cold winter months, as an excuse to get out of the house and engage in activities, even when money is tight.

You can simply turn up on the day for almost any events held as part of light night. However, if you fancy an illuminated swim in Bramley Baths or a hop about on a bouncy castle in Left Bank (yes, even you adults!), you will need to grab a ticket prior to attendance.

Get all the info you need here:


The Warehouse is boasting another ABBA-inspired club night on Thursday 13th October. For all you ABBA-fans out there, the night will be filled with their biggest hits for you to sing your heart out to all night long.

Get on your brightest flares and comfiest shoes to dance the night away!

Find tickets here:


Admittedly, I'm a summer girl at heart. But there's just something about Halloween that gets me so excited. I just LOVE getting dressed up, watching horrors or Halloween classics and carving pumpkins with my house.

And what better way to get into the spooky spirit than picking your own pumpkins to carve?! (or make some pumpkin soup if you’re more of a chef than me).

Kemps Farm in Horsforth offers 18 different varieties of pumpkins and endless cute photo opportunities for you and your friends.

You can reserve your spot from now on the Kemps Farm website and ensure you have the most wholesome halloween fun this year.

Tickets required. Find more info here:


Words: Jess Plunkett

Photo credit: Live at Leeds and Shop the Exchange via Pinterest