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Dead Extras @ The Key Club 3/5/19

by Abi Whistance

Featured image credit: Apertunes Photography

With the release of their latest single Affluenza going down a treat, it’s safe to say we were all expecting great things from a headline show in celebration. And rightfully so, with performances as ambitious as those of Dead Extras the bar just keeps climbing higher and higher, begging the question of how long can they keep on smashing it out of the park?

For now, that question remains unanswered. Kitting out the stage with grimy mannequins hand-sprawled by the likes of the band, it’s a nice reminder of the bedlam you’re likely to ensue when the stroll on; this attention to detail clear in showing that Dead Extras are going to be taking this one very seriously.

It’s hard to believe that they’ve only been doing the rounds for a feeble two years, and with the release of their blistering EP Yomi last year it seems that despite their novelty, every endeavour so far has been building up to this moment of triumph for them. And it really is a triumph; it seems that almost everyone present was there for Dead Extras and Dead Extras only, hauling in a crowd as big as they’ve rightfully earned through their own blood, sweat and tears.

Never lacking in attitude and always packing a punch, there’s little to be said about their performance that hasn’t already been said; with only so many words that exist to describe immensity when you see it, I’m running on empty. So, I’ll keep it simple:

This band works hard.

Their close to perfect execution of a genre that can feel a little overpopulated is what attracts the masses and makes them stick out from the bunch, this is true, but it’s clear that buried beneath the surface is a desire to achieve greatness. To get so far in such a short period of time isn’t unheard of, but it is unlikely, and it’s this rare driving force that makes them so distinctive.

Unearthing Dead Extras is to unearth a gem; you’re unlikely to find another band who does what they do to the same degree of skill- and I wouldn’t bother trying.

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