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Treading The Sky

By Maria Marqués

The limitlessness

of the words that

penetrate who

I am,

lights up

something, rather


I often try to depict

boundless existence

through my heart,

telling everyone how

it feels to love

so much,

so deeply


when I am acquainted

with self-imposed

limits structured by

knowledge and


it hurts me that

in this world

we often

attempt to reduce


to narrow the bits of

us that cry to be

heard and seen,

to be strictly the

versions of


we have been told

to embody.

The thing is, when I

am confronted with

depictions of

true beauty,

so infinite and unsure,

I have no choice

but to impose

my desire

for the stars

within us, for

whatever lies


and demands

being heard,

for it all

to burst.

I am drawn to

the view of

our being and

our versions of

destinies, as

being utterly

the products

of love in

the beautiful form

of limitlessness,

that which all,

all of us,