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The Songs that Got Us Through 2020

By Niamh Ingram

2020 has been a year and a half. I’m not wanting to delve into the nitty gritty of it all, but it’s certainly not been the top year in my – or quite frankly anyone’s – books. Nonetheless, throughout the lockdowns, the quarantining and isolation, one thing has been able to sit as close to us as needed without any requirement for social distance. That thing? Music. The beauty of technology allows us to access it at the simple tap of a screen. And with artists continually creating throughout the year, we’ve been provided with an endless stream of new material to, as a minimum, distract us from the havoc being unleashed around us.

I’ve of course got my top songs from the year (confirmed by Spotify wrapped, cheers for that), but wanted to have a nose about and see what thoughts from other people were. What were the songs that got them through the year? Was there a particular song that defined 2020 for them?

A full playlist of responses from a huuuge variety of people can be found over on the Lippy Mag Spotify, if you fancy going on a musical journey to finish the year. Expect a joyous range of tunes that got us through the year where an invisible to the eye cell took us all hostage.

Here’s a few suggestions that were put forward:

God is Perfect - Freddie Gibbs, The Alchemist

(Single artwork above!)

Quite frankly, the beat from Alchemist here is no less than impeccable. The bass provides a subliminal background for the flow switch ups by Gibbs, combining together in order to create one of the best tunes on the Alfredo album. Definitely one worth checking out: it’s equally as great to listen to in the background whilst doing your uni work, or to simply just chill and enjoy once you’ve recovered from your Christmas dinner.

Idontknow - Jamie xx

Jamie xx returned this year for his first solo single since 2015, and certainly did not disappoint. The track builds up over five minutes, with hypnotic sounds and subtle vocals surfacing to create a unique musical masterpiece. He well and truly hits the nail on the head with regards to this tune once again, adding percussive, progressive charm to his stunning discography.

Pour The Milk - Robbie Docherty

Not a 2020 release, and criticised by many for its more than relentless, thudding beats.That said, it did get mentioned a few times - and I can see why. This was certainly a song that got my flat through first term and isolation, and brings about memories of us bouncing around the kitchen getting drunk whilst simultaneously coming to terms with the fact we had Covid (and using the lack of taste to our advantage). Besides this though, the tune’s bounce does arise a feel good factor and remind us of the distant memory of the good old club days. Some time in the future, you’ll be able to hear it again, echoing through the rooms of Pryzm. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing, I’ll leave to you to decide.

Flowers - Sunship Radio Edit, Sweet Female Attitude

Again, not a ‘20 release - but a sweet reminder that we did have a life this year, over the brief period of somewhat ‘freedom’ that was the summer months. Think the heatwave, and when you could sunbathe outside anywhere from your garden, to the river, even to the beach, without getting shouted at by Uncle Boris. Even in the spring months, during lockdown, this song seemed to provide an uplifting aura - injecting a much needed surge of positivity into an otherwise cloudy year.