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The Shows That Will Shape Fashion in 2021

By Jane Pipkin

2021 is the year our small screens will see the return of many of the generation’s most loved series, and with these anticipated releases, will also come an influx of fashion inspiration and trends. For the longest time, TV series have helped dress society, with some still retaining their massive influence. Series like Friends, Sex and the City and Charlie’s Angels are even today the source of inspiration for many. Yet, the shows of this year will arguably have an even bigger impact, given the prominence of TikTok. Many individuals use the social media platform, creating short look-books, recreating the style of the most popular shows.

These are the shows set to dominate the fashion world in this year and beyond.


Instagram: @euphoria

The cultural reset of a show that was Euphoria is set to air its second season this year. It was not only the characters, soundtrack and plot which made this series revolutionary to the Gen Z audience but the styling and make up. From the ever-so famous I.AM.GIA. Lucid set worn by Maddy Perez to the iconic glitter makeup looks, the show’s stylists made their mark on the fashion world. With each character having their own distinctive aesthetic, fans of the show have much to draw inspiration from. Whether it be Ru’s more laidback tomboy style, Kat’s hot goth vibe or Jules’s bubblegum e-girl looks, all the character’s looks are so authentic and powering to them.

Just know, thanks to Euphoria’s impact, you will want to be keeping your bright eyeshadows and liners, miniskirts and two-piece sets. To get a head start, why not consider adding some more colours such as blue, pink, and purple into your wardrobe to replicate the fantasy-esque aesthetic which makes the show so memorable.


Left: BEC & BRIDGE, Magenta Magic Lamé Mini Dress, £255.00

Middle: ASOS, ASOS DESIGN Jumper with Tie Dye Pattern, £30.00

Right: Urban Outfitters, UO 00s Pleated Denim Skirt & UO 00s Denim Corset Waistcoat, £39.00 & £32.00


Instagram: @bridgertonnetflix

Over Christmas, Netflix graced us with the brilliant and witty period drama, Bridgerton. If you haven’t watched the series yet and want a quick summary, think of a colourful 19th-century version of Gossip Girl. The world the Bridgerton family lives in is made all the more extravagant and brighter through each character’s wardrobe. Although the costumes are not accurate to what people would have worn in 19th-century England, the costumes bring a fresh and more modern twist to the classic looks. The costumes also play an integral part in developing the story and the characters; each family has their own colour palette with the Bridgertons styling blue and the Featheringtons green.

The show’s fashion is also said to be already influencing the spring trends of 2021. Although some of the costumes may not be practical for modern society, there are definitely aspects which can be used. Think pastel, florals and most importantly, puff sleeves. It is likely the classic up-do hairstyles will also be a hit this year.


Left: ASOS, Object Organza Smock Dress with Puff Sleeves in Brown Floral, £34.75

Middle: The Kooples, Long Sky Blue Dress with Short Sleeves, £290

Right: Reformation, Jocelyn Dress, £320

Gossip Girl