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The Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

By Jane Pipkin

The festive preparations have officially begun, and Christmas is fast approaching. With everything that has happened this year, there is no better time to show your love and treat the special people in your life. It is sometimes difficult, especially in these current times, to know what to get and where from. If you are facing this dilemma, this last-minute Christmas gift guide may be for you. Many small and independent businesses have been hard at work creating new and unique products for the festive season. From handmade jewellery to home décor, celebrate in style with these gorgeous stocking fillers.

Instagram: @c.ceramics1

This Manchester-based brand sells the most delicate and dreamy looking ceramics, perfect for anyone wanting to add a bit of flare into their living space. From trinket trays, to candles, to vases, this shop has a great collection of items which can fit any aesthetic or vibe. What is also so special about CCeramic is ‘no two pieces are ever the same’, meaning you can give someone a one of a kind gift. There really isn’t anything more special than that.

My personal favourite: ceramic scallop shell dish, £22.00

Instagram: @studio__rose

Studio Rose has created one of the most beautiful and dainty jewellery collections. From fruit themed necklaces to an exclusive festive collection, there really is something for everyone. This brand even offers a ‘Jewellery Making Kit’ which would make the ideal gift for any craft lovers out there. Wait, it doesn’t end there, there is an option for you to recycle your old jewellery and in return receive a ‘mystery piece of Studio Rose jewellery’. What I love the most is just how thought out and personalised Studio rose feels

My personal favourite item: Lemonade Necklace, £25.00

Instagram: @sophievanbags

Sophievansbags offers some of the most colourful, groovy and one-of-a-kind bags I have seen. This brand is hot on sustainability, making every bag from ‘vintage clothing’ and goes even further, to donate 10% of sales to charities combating the fast fashion revolution. By purchasing one of these bags you are not only going to stand out but help make an important change in the world. Any fashion lover will be in awe when receiving one of these beaded bags.

My personal favourite: The ‘Starburst’ bag, £35.00

Instagram: @_pastel_palette

Everyone needs a good candle in their living space and Pastel Palette has the prettiest ones at the ready. Each candle is hand-poured and is made to add an aesthetic feel to any house. There is such a variety of candles, some shaped like knitting balls, clouds, bears alongside some special Christmas ones. I have never seen such a unique collection of candles before. Each one will not only add a pop of colour and style but also a fresh fragrance.

My personal favourite: Object Candle - Shell, £8.50

Instagram: @moodgoodjewellery

Mood Good is no ordinary jewellery brand. This jewellery has a story to tell. Each piece is so adorable, quirky and gorgeous and aims to provide ‘symbols of love, humour and positivity’, which really shines through. This would be the ideal gift for anyone you hold close to your heart as some pieces such as the necklaces and rings can be personalised. There is such a vast choice and something to suit every aesthetic. Yet, the best part is this brand offers a gift card if you are unsure which beautiful piece to pick out.

My personal favourite: Mystic Motif Signet Ring, £89.00


The best choice for any film fanatics out there.’s artistic recreation of famous film and TV drawings are simply stunning. Whether you want to treat someone with postcards to decorate their room with or a notebook suitably for journaling or studying in, this shop has it all. Additionally, you can even buy wrapping paper and Christmas cards here so you can make the whole gift from start to finish super unique and super personal.

My personal favourite: Movie/TV Series Poster A5 Hand-stitched Notebooks, £5.00

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas.

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