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The Importance of Looking Beyond Lockdown

By Imogen Goulding

Whether you’ve got plenty to crack on with or you’re as free as a bird, being forced to self-isolate during lockdown — something the UK has never done before — is strange. Ultimately, it boils down to a classic fear of the unknown. With no concrete date for freedom, planning ahead and looking beyond to life after lockdown, it isn’t easy. But it is essential. Here are some tips for where to begin. 

Get inspired to travel

Narrowing down the holiday search is never simple — especially when there are so many incredible destinations out there to discover. But now’s the prime time to do some proper research and decide where you’d want to go and roughly calculate the costs. Whether it’s a sun-blushed Santorini escape, villa in the Algarve with the gang, far-flung journey to Bali or even just a coastal getaway to Cornwall, broaden your horizons and ignite your passion to travel.

Make loose plans to see friends

Okay, so we can’t exactly say where and when precisely, but how about video calling your nearest and dearest and trying to figure out something fun to do together after lockdown? From bottomless brunches to spa weekends, a lively Leeds night out to a coffee on your day off, the options are endless. And let’s face it, once we’re all allowed to roam around in the wild again, everything will be appealing. 

Assemble a familial dinner

Not everyone has been fortunate enough to spend time with their family during this lockdown period, so put a dinner with them to the top of your priority list. If you aren’t exactly  Gordon Ramsay, put the feelers out to see who fancies hosting and look forward to revelling in some quality time with the people you’ve missed most. Chances are, this will be equally important to them, too. 

Train to get fit

Not everyone is mad about physical exercise, I can’t deny that. But, it’s crucial to stay healthy. While a lot of us will have been enjoying a swift gin after a long day of doing nothing or comfort-eating a big bar of chocolate, eating and drinking for the soul will have to stop after lockdown. Everything’s best in moderation, so get yourself back into a routine — whether that’s with running, going to the gym or even a weekly Pilates class — and relish training like you used to. 

Say yes to socialising and don’t put things off

If you’re a procrastinator or dodger of social events, I hope this stint under lockdown will have instilled a bit more get-up-and-go in everyone. It’s a chance to be reborn somewhat, once a this is over, which means an opportunity to embrace all things — whether new or something you just haven’t wanted to do. Go to gigs on your own, explore business ideas you’ve had, spend time with more people, volunteer to help out in your community, travel without a buddy — it could be anything, but just grab life by the horns.