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'The Girl's Bathroom': Your new best friend and podcast all in one

By Arielle Neill


Over the past couple of years, there has been a surge in the popularity of Podcasts due to the wide range of topics that they discuss and their focus on a specific genre which differs from the average radio station’s generic form. Podcasts are also far more productive than listening to music. They offer listeners a chance to educate themselves on different topics and hear a range of opinions about any subject matter. Whether you’re on a long walk to Uni (which is rare in these days), a drive or train journey, Podcasts are a great way to keep yourself entertained and informed. This is particularly important right now as we are more isolated than ever, therefore hearing people’s voices can help people to keep in touch with reality.

The Girl’s Bathroom, hosted by YouTube duo and BFFs Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Bayliszullo, is an advice Podcast, aimed at helping listeners with various issues from relationship problems to troubles within friendships. These are categorised into two main segments, ‘Boy Talk’ and ‘Girl Talk’ which alternate in their weekly releases, meaning that you are able to pick and choose what is more suited to you as a listener (or simply binge the whole series). Each episode also ends with an inspiring quote, helping listeners to get through the day.

Think of this Podcast as your best friend and agony aunt all in one. Not only do the girls give out advice, they also speak about their personal life. For example, in their brand-new segment, ’The Single Files’, the newly-single duo give their listeners updates on their COVID-adapted dating life, giving the Podcast a personal feel as you can really get to know the girls, unlike some other Podcasts which can be less focused on the lives of their hosts. This unique touch provides a momentary escape from the stress of your current life, something that we all need at this unpredictable time.

What makes this Podcast so good is the chemistry between Sophia and Cinzia. They first met at four years old after attending the same primary school and have been best friends ever since. The pair bounce off one another, with their chattiness and sense of humour making them so easy to listen to.

So, if you need some life advice or are simply bored of listening to the same playlist on your drive home from Uni, this Podcast will add some vibrance to your life (it certainly never fails to keep me from falling asleep on the 160-mile drive down the M1 back to London). Their latest episode, Boy Talk, was released on Wednesday 9th December. Give it a listen!

Find ‘The Girls Bathroom’ here on Spotify:

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