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Student Recipes

By Sofiya Shekhavtsova

What is student life? It's parties, friends, learning about yourself and your environment. It's a lot of fun, indeed! But also it's about getting up early after 5-6 hours of sleep, having a huge amount of readings and essays, and not having enough time for cooking, thus often ending up with not having breakfast or having 2-minute noodles as a dinner.

Of course, it is important to be on time for all classes and to read all essential literature, to be on track with the study process. However, what is also essential is that we look after our bodies and our wellbeing. And, the easiest way to maintain and treat your body is to give it a nice fuel, which is good, tasty and healthy food. With a better diet it is easier to have clear skin, being emotionally stable and have enough energy for the fun, but tiring student life.

So, how to combine these two almost opposing circumstances? Lippy have thought about it and here we suggest a list of recipes to have fast, easy to make and healthy food, even when you are a student!

(all prices are from «Morrisons»)

Vegetable Ragout

Vegetable Ragout is indeed a real gift for students. It is vegan, tasty, allergy free and easy to make!

So, for one pan of beautiful Vegetable Ragout you will need:

- 4 potatoes (60p per kg)

- 2 carrots (60p per kg)

- 1 aubergine (50p)

- 1 bell pepper (55p)

- 1 tomato cans (plum peeled tomatoes is 38p) OR you can buy 1 tomato pasta (1 pound) and some (cherry) tomatoes (1,25 pounds) if you like pulp like me

- Some garlic (60p)

1. First, we cut all the vegetables.

Potatoes are better cut into slices or circles, carrot circles, aubergine large slices, bell pepper better squares, and we finely chop the garlic to put in the end. If you have chosen the option with cherry tomatoes-just cut them in half, so they will retain a pleasant shape and remain juicy inside.

2. Splash some olive oil at the bottom of the pot.

3. Put everything in a pot.

Important! First, put potatoes, as they take longer to cook, and the last one should be the chopped aubergine, so it won't be dry or burned. After putting all vegetables- pour your tomato pasta to tomato cans and mix it a little bit, so the juice from veggies will mix while cooking process.

4. Add some salt and pepper (if you like) and put on medium heat for 20-25 minutes (watch when ready).

Hack: check the potatoes, if the potatoes are easily pierced with a knife, then it is ready, thus the rest of the dish is also ready.

Ta-daa! Your wonderful, nice and healthy dinner is ready! All thanks to Vegetable Ragout.

You can add anything you want to this dish and enjoy it in a variety of ways.

I also like to serve it with a bit of quark or sour cream on top- therefore you have a mixture of two temperatures and a gorgeous combination of two different tastes.

Spaghetti Bolognese

The famous beautiful Italian pasta as a savour of all hungry students! Easy and fast to cook and absolutely delicious!

For 2 persons you will need:

- 500g of minced meat (2,35 pounds)

- 1 tomato cans (plum peeled tomatoes is 38p)

- 1 tomato pasta (1,25 ponds)

- Spaghetti (In Morrison's you can find a very nice indeed Italian spaghetti «Morrisons Tagliatelle» for only 80p)

1. Pour water into a pое, salt it and put on the fire just above medium. At the same time, start to heat the pan and pour in the olive oil (you can also add garlic if you want)

2. Now, while we are waiting for the water to start boiling, we can start making a delicious Bolognese cause. Put all mince in a pan, when its warmed up and fry it until it turns from pink to more whitish pale colour

3. Now, I believe our water is boiled and we can put our spaghetti inside, to cook nice Italian pasta. At the same time, when the mince is ready (no pink parts are seen) fill the pan with all cans we have for this dish and watch it cooking. The sauce should become a somewhat homogeneous mixture.

4. Serve it together and enjoy your wonderful dinner/lunch.

It will take you around 20 minutes overall. And in the end, you get a juicy, tasty and nice hot dish.

Your body will definitely say «thank you».


I am absolutely sure, that everyone is aware, that guacamole is indeed very easy to make the side for your dish. But how about my only two-step recipe? Watch!

1. You peel the avocado and remove the bone and then simply smash all pulp with a fork

2. Add some lemon juice

3. It is ready. Seriously, it is ready.

It will take you around 5-7 minutes to have a gorgeous and light side for your dish.

Looking after our wellbeing and health is really important to overcome all the obstacles of adult life, so here are some ways of helping you to reward yourself mentally and physically.

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