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Stolen Seconds


her mind crumbles cracks

a jigsaw piece trapped

between old sofa sheets

she blinks

seconds, a breath

as the girl with silver rings

walks in her dreams

shy giggles, shy glances

innocent hand touches

her bubblegum lips

a deep cherry kiss

she blinks

seconds, a breath

heart bursts, sweat burns

as shame screams, sleepy fiends

no more dreams

stress echoes in her ribs

can’t breathe

most of the time

her mind mumbles aches

jigsaw pieces break

strings snap, throat closes

breath like broken glass

cuts fast

into hearts of hearts

she chokes

silent fears, closet years

forget to feel, no big deal

stupid fucking salty tears

hide the sly blushes

hide the heart flutters

just breathe

but sometimes

deep in sleep

her mind wanders

dissolves, melts into

soft kisses, hand touches

cherry kisses

meet bubblegum lips

hair tangled in silver rings

she blinks

in the sometimes

stolen, secret seconds

in between blinks, thoughts and dreams

she finally breathes


Words by Isabel-Sofia Pias Diaz

Artwork by Claudia Smith (@claudiart_photo)

It is easy to see dreams as a fleeting moment of fantasy. As a way to lose yourself in an everchanging kaleidoscope of memory and imagination. Slow blinks that lead you to feeling like your falling or travelling to long, lost places. But dreams are so much more than this.

This rich escapism that finds you at night can be a place of comfort and safety; a platform for self-discovery and expression. In many ways, it is in dreams where you can exist as your most authentic and unapologetic self. Under all the fantasy, exists the often-ignored truth of how incredibly dynamic and beautiful you are. It is the one place where no matter what happens your identity and sexuality is free to transcend all barriers of self-doubt and worry, devoid of hesitations or fears.

In my poem, I explore these stolen seconds; these moments in which you are not comfortable in your reality but feel alive and anew in your dreams.

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