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Restaurant Review: Dough House


Dough House is a relatively new addition to the Leeds food scene, and it’s definitely not one to miss. I went to the LIVIN’ Italy owned pizzeria on Friday and I’m already ready to go back.

The restaurant is right in the middle of town next to the corn exchange and if you hadn’t guessed by the name, the focus is all about dough. 20 inch pizzas to be exact, so make sure you share. They do an incredible range of toppings, from fish stew to ribs to a classic margarita, they all sound amazing. We went for half aubergine parmigiana and half parma ham and mozzarella, both were incredible. Not only can you choose your toppings, you can choose the dough too. There’s a classic option and a slightly healthier crispy alternative. Both are made in house with a blend of flours, we went for the healthier wholemeal option which amazingly, you couldn’t tell was healthy(er). Ideal.

As well as the pizzas, there’s a whole section on the menu dedicated to focaccia, there’s a range of tapas (would recommend the beef sliders and frito misto) as well as arancini, meat boards and their special deep fried calzone. Make sure you don’t completely stuff yourself though because they do incredible classic italian gelato made from their secret recipe. They’ve got a huge range of cocktails to wash it all down with too.

The venue is almost as nice as the food, with exposed brick walls, low lighting and a beautiful central bar. The pizza oven is situated towards the back of the restaurant but perhaps more unusually, they’ve got a screen on one of the walls which is streaming the chef’s worktop so you can actually see your pizzas being made. Distracting but cool.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of this place and after you’ve tried it I reckon you will be too.

(The pizzas are bigger than this, I promise.)

Image credit: Leeds List

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