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No Miss Simz, Thank you

Emotion is energy in motion.

Honour your truth and feelings.

Eradicate fear.

Boundaries are important.

After a surprise announcement, Little Simz makes her return with No Thank you. Winning the Mercury prize for best album for Sometimes I Might Be Introvert this year, Little Simz is an artist that does not rest. This release came as a surprise for many, but once again, she did not disappoint. Back working with producer Inflo’s groovy beats and big sounds, Little Simz centres her space with her distinct voice and heartfelt words. Even Cleo Sol returns with her soulful backing vocals. Exploring the music industry and mental health, Simz captures this feeling of uncertainty in a refreshing and exigent light. Part of Simz brilliance is her ability to make you listen, not just to the incredible music space she creates but to her passionate words and voice. Once again, an enticing timeless album has been created with standout tracks such as Angel, Silhouette and Heart on Fire.

The accompaniment to this album is Gabriel O Moses' short film. It takes you through the tracks X, Silhouette, Sideways, Broken and Heart on Fire, creating powerful visuals for Simz's powerful lyrics.

Her opening words are a perfect encapsulation for the album: re-discovery of self and meaning, learning to listen to your gut and trusting ‘time will heal you’. It’s a journey which will resonate with many, No Thank you, a voice for this feeling.

Easily one of the best albums to be released this year, Little Simz is here to stay and on track to become one of the best rappers of this generation.


Words: Lucy Norris

Photo credit: Karolina Weilocha


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Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes
Feb 05, 2023

loved this album !! :))

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