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New Release - LOVE by Hish

Following a successful first album, Never Too Late, Hish has released his latest single: LOVE. The track's lucid rhythm's and ethereal tones transports you to an otherworldly place as you listen, allowing contemplation for what 'love' means to you. While Hish outlines how personal this song is to him, deriving from his own journey; LOVE allows anyone who listens the opportunity to transpose our own experiences of love on to it.

This beautiful track is in support of Age UK, a charity working to assist the elderly who now, more than ever, need our love in this time of crisis.

'Music is my art, my feelings transformed into my sounds. This song truly came from the heart. Its about love, but it isn't just that. Of course we are going through such hard times. This isn't just about what is going on now but a story that has many tales, which can only be spoken about in a positive light. As the artwork for the song shows me manifested in a dark aura that is symbolic to me being cast as 'heartless'; negative energy surrounded me and took over me for a very long time. But I didn't let it defeat me. It changed me and I evolved due to pure positivity, hence the light in my eyes and the negativity manifesting itself behind me. To conclude, this song is about many things, but mainly love. Cherish those close to you and leave anything dark behind you. Keep your loved ones near your heart and spread only love.' - HISH

Give LOVE a listen: