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mmiv, the Back Room, 10.03.19: A Review

By Lydia Kendall-McDougall

Watching mmiv at the Back Room on Sunday night you wouldn’t know it was their second ever performance. Following their debut just weeks ago at the Lending Room, the group have resurfaced with a remarkable set.

While there were some issues with sound, mainly the disparity in volume of the bass and drums that seemed to overpower a lot of the main guitar, as a technical error it wasn’t too shabby so early on in the game. Even if the instruments were a little out of sync, the band certainly weren’t; they worked well together without much need for communication. This really did make up for the flaws in sound quality, with their seemingly nonchalant and playful coordination, smooth transitions and perhaps a little bit of improvisation here and there (although so casually done it was hard to tell). They do, therefore, have the confidence and ease of a band that’s been performing together far longer. This made for a relatively strong stage presence, but perhaps a lack of liveliness which I assume can only naturally develop with time and experience.

The music itself is a little bit for everybody. It’s not hard to get into, and if you’re not a fan of the more Liam Gallagher-type guitar riffs, then you might edge more towards their genuine and sincere lyrics which remind me a little of the 1975. They’re a band that seems very situated in the raw, natural production of Wonderwall- which I can’t complain about. Debuting their newest song Little While, perhaps their strongest yet lyrically, it’s easy to see how this band are forming the path for a very sophisticated sound. Their set was playful, fun, catchy and didn’t take itself too seriously, yet coming from a place of real talent. The six-song set had a nice mix of tempo, tone and mood, most notably in their upcoming debut single Room for Requirement, which keeps you on your toes with its back and forth tempo and compelling melodies. It plays with your expectations from start to finish, with a build between bridge and chorus which is simple but wonderfully produced. Although I’d suggest a set list choice which doesn’t throw all the slow stuff into one place, experimenting a little more with the mood of the crowd, it was indisputably a fair start.

Overall, I’d say keep mmiv on your radar; they’re great writers who play well together and can only really improve from where they’re at. With two successful gigs under their belt and hopefully more to come in the near future, I’d keep an eye out.

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