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Love Conquers All: Long Distance Relationships

By Sophie Shekhavtsova

People all around the world fall in love every day.

I would suggest that love is the only thing that actually maintains and saves our universe. What is interesting is that no one can actually describe or explain love with words. It is just this feeling that lights up a person from inside. Love is something that can be two contrasting things at the same time; love can be really painful, but at the same time it can give you joy. It brings a smile onto your face and tears into you eyes.

Everyone feels it differently. Someone will say - it’s like butterflies in your stomach; others will consider it to be the only pleasant part in marriage.

Just think about it, it is such an interesting word; love or to be in love, to fall in love.. You say falling in love, and it sounds like something out of control, that just happens to you like a natural disaster and you cannot do anything about it. Tt is the most beautiful disaster in the world, that exists in everyday life.

Sometimes, sadly, circumstances check people’s ability to embrace the gift that the universe gave them. Here, I mean their feelings for each other. These circumstances make people move away from each other and practice long distance relationships. There are lots of different reasons, for instance; going to different Universities that are located in different parts of the country or even in different countries. And so, two different people in two different places are carrying their feelings through time and distance, living completely separate lives.

The majority of our peers overall will say - “Long distance is impossible, it is not going to work out anyway, you should not do it to yourself”. However, I myself can argue against that. Yes, it is hard, yes you have to work on your relationships, but isn’t it natural to work on something you hold dear and that you want to save? I believe it is quite normal, do your best when you care about something, especially in terms of your personal life. I can claim that “long distance relationships” is not an accusation. If you dare to do it, then you do not have any doubts from the beginning and you will get rid of every upcoming doubt if your partner cares too.

How to deal with it?

There are different ways, but the most important thing is to be honest. Be honest with yourself and with your beloved person, as you both deserve it. Call each other a couple of times during the week or every day if you need it. Include each other in your lives via texting and telling how was your day. Do different, simple, but funny and nice things to each other, like sharing pictures of food you would like to cook together or your morning selfies to make an impression of you two being in one bed and waking up together. It is still very important to see each other, so try to find as much time as you can to spend it together. Book train tickets in advance or take a vacation and fly to your loved one for 1 - 2 weeks to kiss him/her. Try making new traditions, like having FaceTime meals on Fridays or watching the same movie at the same time and then calling each other to chat about it.

Everything is possible if you feel like it is “your” person and it is indeed the right one to be with.

Love is the most beautiful and mysterious thing ever in the whole world. Just remember that Love conquers all and do not be scared of taking this step and dive in.