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Welcome to Lippy’s new Agony Aunt column.

I haven’t been on nearly enough mysterious holidays yet to be a cool (agony) aunt, so instead I’m posing as your mysterious in-law – not quite sure how she’s related to you, but she seems pretty sound nonetheless.

Post your submissions in the box at the Union, and I’ll save a few pearls of wisdom for the next issue.

My housemates are acting weirdly around me – I can tell something’s wrong but not sure how to raise it.

The gut is the most reliable organ – trust it! If the vibes seem off, gather your house together and ask them outright. If there is a problem, listen and prepare to compromise, but make sure they know how uncomfortable it has made you feel. If the atmosphere remains off, suggest a weekly house meeting where everyone can air their issues without it getting too personal. Living with people is difficult at the best of times – be ready to work around people but always remember you’re right to live in the house you’re paying for too.

I’m still falling behind on work even though I’ve been to the library every day this week – what do I do?

It can be so frustrating when sacrifices don’t pay off and you end up feeling like you’ve missed out for no reason. Uni is all about balance – if you spend too much time partying you won’t do well, but the same goes for burning yourself out. Instead of measuring your work in terms of hours in the library, devise a smart learning system, focusing on quality studying. I know I work best in 50 minute chunks with 10 minute breaks, rather than thrashing myself over one afternoon. I also use the Flora app, which sets out periods of uninterrupted studying and reminds you to take breaks – chase the degree and grow a tree! Make sure you’re breaks are productive too. As tempting as it is to scroll through LeedsFess, use the 10 minutes to recalibrate, like taking a walk or following a guided meditation.

Whichever way you study, break free of that conditioned study guilt. Accept the bad days and start again tomorrow – and give yourself the night off!

I’m still struggling to find my own style – tips and tricks to look boujee on a budget

Personal style really is a lifelong journey, so don’t stress if you’re feeling disconnected to your garms. I value good quality basics and statement jewellery but within a student budget, so find well-structured fitting garments and then save up. The Yolt app (not spon) allows you to create separate pots for different saving goals, so lay off on that third jaegerbomb and grab that investment piece that will last for years. If you are so inclined, research the sustainability of your clothes and put your money towards saving the planet. I love a primarni piece as much as the next girl, but nothing looks better than doing your bit for the future.