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Halfway House by Rothschild: Single Review

By Abi Whistance

After the release of their debut track Bear Trap in May last year, Rothschild have kept a lid on what they’ve had in the works since then. Gigs here and there debuting new material provided something to consume, but we were left waiting impatiently for anything we can revel in more permanently than what a thirty-minute set can offer.

Revised and re-enthused, new track Halfway House shares none of the tragic brutality of affection we’d seen in their previous release. This time we’re faced with just the belligerence; a weapon in the making, the record evokes a type of intensity unlike what we’ve seen before. The raw feeling and borderline gut-wrenching nature of Bear Trap is now nowhere to be seen, replaced with what seems to be a combination of power, rage and little else.

This is, of course, by no means a bad thing. There’s something to be said for cutting all the emotional drivel out of what is already is set to be an excellent track without it; misfortune and self-pity as we all know can be an unnecessary evil in the writing process. Sometimes the breaking of a heart and the state of emotional turmoil you’re in are completely unwarranted in the making of something great, and there’s no better demonstration of that in action than here.

Yet even with the release of Halfway House quenching some kind of thirst it’s still recommended you see these guys in action to cultivate your own judgement on the three-piece, your best bet being their first headline show on the 22nd of March at The Key Club. Supported by the likes of Nova Hands, Dead Extras and Adore//Repel, it’s pretty clear it’ll be a March essential for the majority of your local alt-fans.

Click here to listen to Halfway House by Rothschild on Spotify.

Watch the official music video for Halfway House by Rothschild below:

Image Credit: Rothschild

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