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Five Ways to Keep Warm


We’re exploring different ways to dress for these arctic temperatures! It’s a mix of layering, knits and massive teddy coats that’s keeping us warm this week. So we’ve gathered inspiration from five of our members around Leeds on how to stay cute during these cold winter months.

Saskia Williams 21 Management and Marketing

I would say definitely invest in a proper coat, can never have too any puffers! Also layering is one of the easiest way to stay warm, adding a high neck and long sleeved top or jumper under is going to keep you extra snug and adds something to the outfit. Popping on a beanie will do wonders to keep you warm when its really windy and can add a little bit of colour too!

Rob Steel 21 Music

Layering is absolutely essential. I lived in Canada last year where the average winter temperature was around – 20C so every day was a game of ‘how many clothes can I fit under my jacket?’. Another thing a lot of people don’t consider is the difference between knitted and woven fabrics – a knitted fabric is warmer than a weave so make sure you fill you winter wardrobe with plenty of knits!

Amie 22 English literature

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel good! Invest in a cool chunky scarf or hat as it’ll be your unchanging accessory for the next few months.

Gizem Tort 21 Fashion Marketing

Invest in a warm jumper that you can style with everything!

Alice Murphy 23 English Literature

In these sub-zero temperatures, it can be tricky to dress for the Arctic breeze without resembling the Michelin man. After many winters of just accepting being permanently cold in order to avoid feeling wrapped up like a giant puffball, I finally began to realise that my mum had been right all along – thermal base layers are the way forward!

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