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Feb’s Finest: A February Fashion Round Up

The shortest and most jam-packed month of the year celebrating the miracles and manifestations of twos-day saw fashion phenomena’s and faces to remember. Here’s the recap from Fashion Editor Jessica Dunn:

Hunter Schafer’s New York Fashion Week Appearance

Hunter Schafer, known for playing Jules Vaughn in the trending HBO series, Euphoria, walked for Gogo Graham’s fall 2022 runway during New York Fashion Week this month. The beloved 23-year-old TV star charmed her way into our hearts after watching her quirky and electric personality on screen. Schafer’s character, similar to her own aesthetic, embodies femininity and often wears colourful and playful outfits that engage in the idea of expressionism and self-confidence. A supporter of Graham’s work, she was asked by the transgender designer to showcase a collection that maintains sustainability and upcycled fabrics. “You’re making looks with someone in mind, the entire vision is just magical. That’s couture in my head,” said Schafer prior to the runway walk whilst on the phone to Graham. In fact, she was more excited for the designer than she was appearing in the show. She wore a white, oversized puffer coat, a monotone fringed corset, a bright yellow pair of trousers, and socks with flip-flops. She completed the look with two front plaits, white make-up, and a bright yellow teddy-bear in hand. Very Jules, but even more Hunter.

Josh Safdie’s Muse, Julia Fox

Whether you remember her from Uncut Gems or purely know her as Kanye West’s ex fling, Julia Fox has leaped her way into the spotlight recently and owning her place on front row seats during Fashion Week. Fox had the internet in a chokehold when her and Ye were photographed together in matching double denim outfits at the Kenzo Fall show back in January. Since then, Fox has been spotted at the Milan Diesel show and has even strutted on the catwalk for LaQuan Smith in New York. Her guest appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast featuring a laughable pronunciation of “Uncut Jamssss” resulted in Tiktok parodies and other celebrities in hysterics. Love her, hate her, make Julia Fox memes till your heart is content, the actress may behave questionably online, but there is no doubt her dramatic eyeliner and slick-back buns aren’t making their way to headlines, trending hashtags, and top designer fashion shows.

Adele. Just Adele.

The superstar has stepped up her fashion game yet again, scooping accolades for album, song, and artist of the year at the Brit Awards in February. It was only fitting for a music industry queen to wear three different outfits during the celebrations. She started the evening gracing the paparazzi with a customised Giorgio Armani black gown, performed I Drink Wine in a green Valentino, and left in a Senchina little black dress. For the down-to-earth singer, it’s always about the defined waist, dramatic neckline, and sculptural silhouette. From figure-snatching blazers to elegant draping gowns, there’s nothing Adele wears that isn’t considered a fashion win. Her style has the world taking down notes. Who would expect changing your hairstyle to result in mass press articles flooding the internet day-by-day?

The Met 2022 Theme Reveal

Reserve the date in your calendas for May 2nd, 2022. The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced this month that this year's Met Gala theme is confirmed. 'In America: An Anthology of Fashion'. Déjà vu? Is Wintour running out of ideas? Last year’s 2021 theme of 'In America: A Lexicon in Fashion.’, focused on the representation of fashion in the modern world. Whilst New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Tax the Rich” gown certainly caused a controversy in the world of glitz and glam, there’s no debate that stars understood the assignment and took American fashion to a new level of expressionism. So what’s going to be different about this year? Wintour has established the ‘Anthology of Fashion’ will be expanding on the influence of American fashion throughout the earlier twentieth and ninetieth centuries. The iconic event does bring a heat of tension to the table. Predictability doesn’t exist in the world of a Met Gala and there’s always familiar faces that shock us every year with bizarre looks, political statements, or just nailing the theme perfectly. Set yourselves up for a stimulating next two months with guesses on the line-up and what outfits are going to be seen at the Met Gala for 2022.

28 Days, 28+ Trends

With the continuous rotation of innovative looks across social media, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. However, with the Y2K craze still up and running like the millennium hit yesterday, the concept of trends is arguable dying out. February seemed to grasp nearly every fashion trend across the board. Corsets live another day. Season 2 of Euphoria have us scanning the web for cut-out mini dresses and breaking the bank to channel our inner teenage rebellions. Moon boots walk the planet and no one has decided whether this is a fashion hit or miss. The ‘Youthquake’ ruled over Fashion Week which featured miniskirts and low-rise bottoms. Overall, February has served well with fashion obsessions. The cyclical nature of trends and collective decisions on what’s chic is never seeming to change. The world of fashion never sleeps and we’re just a bit excited for the launches, presentations, catwalk shows and shopping that will become buzzworthy as spring and summer take hold.


Words by Jessica Dunn

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