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Dance Group Dance Exposé explore What it Means to Evolve

University of Leeds dance group Dance Exposé presents the spectacular ‘Evolve’, a show that exhibits all genres of dance, captures moments in history to remember, and reminds us to appreciate the present.

‘Evolve’ will be performed from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th at 7:30pm in the Riley Smith Theatre, with 10% of proceeds going to Endometriosis UK.

There’s no telling when you plant a seed how tall the flower will stand, how bright the petals will be or how long it will survive. We praise the flower at the peak of its growth, but perhaps the real beauty lies in the flower’s struggle out of the darkness, in its greeting of the sun, in its strength through the rain.

Nobody wants to mention the ‘Covid’ word, but hear me out. We are all running towards brighter times, desperate to abandon the Covid era, to leave the isolation, fear and instability behind us. But let’s take the lesson with us into the brightness. Is it not the moments that bring us to our knees that make us appreciate how grateful we are to stand again? Is it not the people who reach out their hand to help who matter the most?

My family and friends are my roots, and I choose to bloom, bend and break into a flower who enjoys the sun on her skin and doesn’t let the rain scare her. Not only this, I want to stand in a field full of other beautiful flowers who want the same.

I am just one part of Dance Exposé, an all-female dance group working on the forthcoming ‘Evolve’; a show filled with brilliant women, detailed choreography, and all the passion, recklessness and abandon of a flower in bloom.

Creating something to be proud of lights the fire to feeling alive. This is why ‘Evolve’ consists of dances throughout time; it uses dance as a vehicle for the celebration of life and its endless renewals. What could be more uplifting than watching, listening to, or being a part of something flooded with such gratitude?

The show opens with a contemporary piece to Labrinth’s stunning song Imagination. The devoted committee asked each dancer what ‘Evolve’ means to them since the pandemic, and Sarah Moffatt artfully edited the dancer’s responses into the music. The piece is enough to leave its listeners with goosebumps. It is a beautiful, chilling curtain-raiser.

Listen to the moving piece here for a glimpse of what the show has to offer.

Lastly, a big thank you to the committee for all the hard work and to all the women who I’m blessed to share the stage with.

Grab a ticket here and join us for the journey.

What does Evolve mean to you since the pandemic?

Sophia: Not always about where you’re going next, but actually, who you are going with

Sarah: The beauty and diversity of life that has always been there

Anna: Not being scared of a bit of spontaneity because planning in advance is not always possible

Elisa: Fighting for change you believe in

Elena: That growing is both beautiful and messy

Grace: As humans we are a part of nature constantly glowing and adapting

Esha: Becoming a better version of yourself

Hannah: To appreciate what’s on our door stop

Hollie: Ensure I live life to fullest until I become the happiest version of yourself

Katie: Striving to do the best for myself

Kirstie B: Finding what makes you happy

Lauren G: That I can handle change and I am more adaptable than I think

Malako: Learning how to be on my own and love my own company

Martha: The fragility and vulnerability of our lives and some forces are completely beyond our control

Millie: Appreciate the little things we usually take for granted

Racheal: Finding ways to deal with unusual situations and making the most of it

Skye: Learning from your mistakes and blossoming into the person you are today

Sophie: Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and each step we take in life contributes to part of our individual story


Words by Elena Cotton

Photos: Dance Exposé

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