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Cotton Candy Clouds

The sky is edible.

Sugary-sweet puffs of spun air and light

are fluffed and pillowed against a vivid canvas.

They blossom and bloom,

swelling with warmth and expelling the most delectable palette of pink into the world.

Streaks of liquid gold, amethyst, and topaz

accompany the symphony of a city gradually relaxing, easing, calming.

Shades of rose and amber

blend with a melody of windchimes, birdsong, and soft, even breaths.

Lines of dazzling light dance and paint the air with splendour,

the luminescent colours bejewel and halt the cruel bite

of darkness.

A dream-like drowsiness settles over the Earth beneath this velvet blanket.

We slow and still.

The bustle of life halted

by the immense beauty of a winter's kiss and cotton candy clouds.

Words + Images: Ella Boxall, she/her


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