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Check Out - The Dolly Effect

By Imogen Matanle

The Dolly Effect is female-led and inspiring initiative, curated by Duzi Studio & The Ministry to celebrate and help project the female talents in the creatives industries today. It is based on Dolly Parton, taking inspiration from her fierce and unapologetic ways to express herself. As Dolly has once said, "Figure out who you are, then do it on purpose."

The Dolly Effect strives to do exactly this, with no limitations to its brilliance, the events show case all women from poets to singers, dancers to illustrators, comedians to just the creatively curious. As well as events, The Dolly Effect has opened a print store to help support freelance creatives during these uncertain times; not only can you help to strengthen our community of artists but also get your hands on some beautiful pieces of work.

It is an amazing platform for all to be inspired by and for women to express their talents.