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by Maria Marqués

She is mystical and fiery, silent but loud all at once.

Her presence divine,

she expresses herself with utter boldness.

Her fire is lit constantly.

She loves all that shines.

Lola is a working embodiment

of self-created fashion,

she knows very well how to intrigue you

into her mystery.

Aware of their corpulence,

the curves of her body are so loud they intimidate.

Her knowledge goes far beyond what she proclaims.

With a striking perfectionism,

she lives surrounded by diamonds,

often forgetting, perhaps,

that she too is one.

Her journey through womanhood

speaks of ever-changing beauty,

the developments of her own self-making.

Now, as she grabs the reins of

her future, I see her strength

slowly coming to light,

blinking progressively like diamonds

hidden in parts of her

she hasn’t yet discovered.


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