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5 Ways to Wear Preloved Clothes

Written by Anna Venediger

Photography by Sabrina Pawley

It’s time to put second hand, first. This week we show our favourite preloved clothes worn and found by five different Leeds students. It is more important now than ever to buy clothes from a previous home so we are here to help show you how it can be done in style. Clothes ranging from car boot sale finds, to charity shop steals, we have you covered.

Emma White


3rd Year Economics and Politics

This Saint Laurent jacket is from Depop, although highly likely its fake, but nonetheless aesthetically pleasing. My jeans were also £3.50 from a charity shop at home, small price for the amount of wear I get out of them! I consistently try to buy sustainably; Leeds has some great charity shops and second-hand markets. My particular favourites are Kirkgate outdoor market and the kilo sales around town.

Anna Venediger


2nd Year Textile Design

This skirt is one of my new favourites for Autumn this year. I literally bought it this week on eBay for a bargain £2, with a little bit of DIY it now fits me perfectly! My biggest tip is to look on eBay before buying any new clothes because you can usually find nicer and more unique alternatives that are up for sale a lot cheaper than high street brands like Topshop and ASOS. Wearing one-off pieces always makes clothes seem way more personal and interesting compared to mass made fast fashion.

Monica El-Khanagry


2nd Year Textile Design

The second-hand piece in this look is the red Burberry jacket. I got it from a car boot sale at home for only £3! Buying second hand, you get to buy inexpensive everyday items, that you may have otherwise never chosen to buy if it isn’t usually your “style”. The cheaper prices push you to make the purchase and you wouldn’t be losing out on trying a new item and sometimes it’s even a great find! It’s also a way of supporting more local businesses and charities instead of just giving our money to the big corporate/chain companies.

Ewen Collier


4th year Chinese and International Business

This pre-loved Ralph Lauren puffer coat was bought from eBay. I always keep an eye out for cheap items eBay which I think would resell and put them on my Depop shop. In this case, I liked the coat and decided to keep it instead of re-selling it. The coat cost me around £30, considering the product and brand it is fairly cheap. People are always missing out on bargains because they are worried about buying second hand or from charity shops, in my experience, it has saved me a few pennies. It’s much better for the environment too.

Maddie Schaper



Looking in charity shops helps me to experiment with my style by trying pieces I wouldn’t normally go for due to the inevitability of browsing. Charity shop shopping is about finding items that make you feel good about yourself, less about where the item is from. These items range from pretty little thing for the trousers to top shop for the top. Together a grand total of £4. The jacket was from a random place for a solid £3. It’s great to find pieces that are absolute steals and helps you to expand your wardrobe whilst knowing you’ve grabbed yourself an absolute bargain without the carbon footprint.