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Alien has been a theme we have wanted to tackle here for a while now, and this year seemed to be the perfect time. Whether it’s being thrown around in Trump’s America in reference to immigration, or to do with the rise in social groups at risk of being alienated from mainstream society, it feels as though the word “alien” is more pertinent than ever in today’s climate. There are progressively serious connotations to the term, reflecting the tense global political situation. While many of these issues are often difficult to discuss for myriad reasons, they are ones which increasingly need talking about. 

In such times, it is still important to keep in mind some of the more positive and progressive emerging stories. From female actresses breaking gender stereotypes to discussing how we can diversify the art world, there are always new developments worth celebrating. 

In every case, the contributors to this magazine have approached the theme from angles that are sometimes creative and abstract, sometimes factual and informative, but always important. Including pieces that explore the alienation caused by the perilous benefit system, to tracing three iconic musicians considered alien in their time, this issue richly explores alien in every sense of the word - and we as a committee could not be more excited for you to see it. 

We hope you enjoy charting this new alien territory with us! 



Your Committee x

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